sanna saastamoinen-barrois


IMAGE cover (it is a celebration cover, issue #200)  and serie to participate on the TAHDON movement  for updating marital law to become equal for everyone. (law became equal for everyone 1st of January 2017)

It was a honor to be commissioned  to imagine and photograph a story for each couple.  The project made me to think how our visions and morals of normal/unnormal, correct/incorrect are formed , -and who forms them...

I hope one day soon in every corner of the world people could love and exist freely...and thus this planet could find its natural balance and harmony

I photographied Anna Abreau & Anna Puu, Esko Valtaoja & Jaakko Hämeen-Anttila, Ninja Sarasalo & Niina Kurkinen, Tiia Vanhatapio & Maria Veitola,  Saimi Hoyer & Seela Sella,  Elilas Koskimies & Jani Toivola, Minna Parikka & Laila Snellman