sanna saastamoinen-barrois

Floating density  installation at OFR Gallery, july 2009

Floating Density was a month long installation in OFR Gallery, Paris. 

5 paintings about breathing with various techniques,  20 photos documenting the destruction of old garden in Tokyo, video showing the last tree being cut projection and text below written in a wall :


Tokyo 2004
Sun is up. Too many buildings, not enough trees. I look at the great city for the first time as a mother. Gone are the drivers and photoshoots. I have Ea on the shoulders and we wonder on the streets looking for shadow. And there it was, the tiny old paradise all green in the middle of white cement. I cough and the doctor tells my lungs are fucked. Pollution and panicattacks. And the white cement wants to take over the tiny green paradise. Even the tallest highest wisest tree needs to go. So I film, take photos, write and draw leaves roots of this almost gone garden. Had this big need to have proofs that it had been here. All this oxygen floating on the air. I ask for the last roots of this garden. Bring them to hotel. Sculpt. Clean. And I keep having this image of of the garden existing on the air. Floating in all the density of existing. So I called this gallery, begged them to take my roots in, -which they fortunately did. And there I left it. My roots to grow on the air.