sanna saastamoinen-barrois

is I an eye?


is I an eye?
and am i what i see?
or am i seeing what i think 
when everything is full
i long for empty space
for eye to rest
my eye gets tired (, you see)
when too much visual noise everywhere
so very close
are the empty eyes of Bataille 
and nowhere  the eyes of painter
that Merloy-Ponty tells me about
-these eyes that dream and let soul fly
if my eye would be an ear
would the horizon be the silence
and could the silence be the way to the imaginative time
to the horizontal line
where is no time
no marks of human being
just wide perspective donating the future for the spectators eye to draw
because I and eye reflect out and in
in and out our concept of universe
i create images out as much as eye takes them in
and this is very own reality