sanna saastamoinen-barrois


Swidden Rotation, Kasken Kierto,  photography Installation, Alexander's battery, Vallisaari (24th of May-30th of October 2017) presents the slash-and-burn process and its imapct on nature. in the installation, which communicates with protected nature of this natural park of Vallisaari Island, Saastamoinen-Barrois studies cycles of nature and her own roots. Twenty large images have been hung, in a rather imppressive manner, on cable wires in front of Alexander's battery. The installation communicates both with nature and with varying weather conditions."The photographs printed on sailcloths survived from spring until late autumn. Time and place had a significant role in the presentation. This series adds yet another layer to her art :only at the end can the changes in the background, the seasons of nature , be made visible" Around Journal

The photographs are from the serie Kasken Kierto that was presented in Eemil Halonen art Museum 1st of June-30th of August 2013 , there presented with diasecs.

Photographs were  shot in the Telkkämäki Nature Reserve in Kaavi. Before shooting the installation, the artist had just returned to Finland after spending many years in Paris. Her time abroad prompted her to reflect upon her own roots and homeland, which initiated her interest in photographing the cycles of Finnish nature.

“After spending my first winter in Finland in 17 years, I shot the slash-and-burn process in spring in Iisalmi where I had spent my childhood. The winter had been like a womb to me; the darkness and the silence had brought me into their soft embrace and insulated me from the world. The contrast with the life in the metropolis was huge. I missed home a lot during my last years in Paris, in part because of my children. I wanted them to form emotional bonds with other places as well, and not just with the asphalt world of a metropolis. I wanted them to understand berry and mushroom picking and how to live in harmony with nature. I wanted them to experience how it feels to see light after the long winter. Shooting Kasken Kierto had a strong impact on me after the dark winter season. The snowdrifts had only melted a couple of days earlier. The light had returned, huge volumes of it. And the birds and the leaves.”