sanna saastamoinen-barrois

Kuva-albumimme-installation, Design Museum

Kotatakki installaatio. Design Museum 2013

Kotatakki/teepeecoat can be a dress, coat, cape, sleepingbag or teepee, emergency nest , depending how you attach it.

In Tokyo , the town of tokyo provides blue tents for homeless people. At the same time there are many empty buildings. As in all the other cities, we leave homeless people wothout a correct shelter on the cement. I-m born in Iisalmi, norther Finland, I did not see homeless people before i was interrailing with my father, the idea that we can leave people to sleep in the street , on the ecment while the life carrues on normally in the same city was beyond my understanding when i was 14, and it still is. So this work is sad, ironic expression, noone should sleep in a tent as permanent shelter. This tent taht one carries was a sad irony of how we look at each others, the way how one dresses is categorizing system on which sosciopolitact group we are placed on. The doors open or close depending on how you dress. So i thought if one would carry the home as a second skin, and this skin would metamorphose depending what you need into wonderful haute couture dress , or elegant cape, or sleeping bag, or tent.